Who Wants All This Content? And How Much Will They Pay For It?

Wed. October 17| 2:45 PM - 3:30 PM | Location: Advanced TV Solutions Theater

Tradition television protocols dictate that people will find good shows; it's the story (and all like such as that). When you have the budgets to earn one win for every ten (or more) efforts, that protocol works. The big four television networks (ABC, CBS, Fox and NBC) still subscriber to a variation of that practice, and even Netflix's massive content creation model makes that same assumption: good shows will find their audience.

Tim Hanlon, Founder and CEO of The Vertere Group, will help us understand how we can thrive in the television industry, even if we don't have eight (or even nine) digit content creation budgets

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Hanlon, Tim
Tim Hanlon
Founder & CEO
The Vertere Group


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Howard Horowitz
Horowitz Research
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Howard Shimmel
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Debby Ruth
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