How Unscripted Television is Reinventing Multi-Cam

Wed. October 17| 2:45 PM - 3:15 PM | Location: Stage 1

Unscripted television is reinventing multi-cam television to meet the demands of audiences seeking deeper engagement with their content. The traditional rhythms established by such pioneers as Desi Arnaz and DP Karl Freund on "I Love Lucy" are being supplanted by real-time improvisation, a demand for more camera angles and the need to capture interaction between the cast and the audience. Join Michael Pearlman, who has directed an unparalleled 843 unscripted episodes, and a team of top multi-camera operators and assistants, as they describe how they're rewriting the old formulas to connect with, thrill and surprise today's viewers.

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Chambliss, Michael
Michael Chambliss
Technologist and Business Representative
International Cinematographers Guild


Pearlman, Michael
Michael Pearlman
Project Runway All Stars, Chopped, Chopped Junior
Richholt, Selene
Selene Richholt
DP and Camera Operator
Society of Camera Operators
Wills, Tom
Tom Wills
Steadicam Operator