Track B: Winning Strategies For Buying Advertising Across TV and Online Video

Wed. October 17| 10:15 AM - 11:15 AM | Location: 3D09

For over a decade, tech companies have tried but failed to converge online video and TV advertising. However, in the past year broadcasters and the programmatic industry have begun to seize this opportunity. As TV transitions from "programanual" to programmatic and online video becomes more brand-safe, high-quality inventory, the strategies of buyers, sellers, and vendors must shift quickly. This panel will look at new tools and strategies to make TV and video buyers, vendors, and broadcasters more efficient and capitalize on the new video economy. This panel will focus on strategies for optimizing spend for video advertising across TV, OTT, and online and will include perspectives from TV and online video buyers, technology enablers, and broadcasters.

Program: Streaming Summit

Session Topics and Tracks: OTT & Streaming Media, Streaming Summit - Track B

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Korpi, Joel
Joel Korpi
Senior Product Manager, Video


Morris, David
David Morris
EVP, Advanced Advertising and Client Partnerships
Swanston, Michelle
Michelle Swanston
SVP, Operations
Tru Optik
DeMarco, Jason
Jason DeMarco
Vice President, Programmatic & Audience Solutions
A&E Networks