Track C: Using SRT for Low Latency Video Delivery Over the Internet

Wed. October 17| 10:15 AM - 11:15 AM | Location: 3D10

Since SRT (Secure Reliable Transport) became available as an open source technology in 2017, the low latency video transport protocol has been adopted by thousands of organizations globally in a number of applications and markets. This session will explore real-world SRT implementations, explain how SRT has already improved thousands of video workflows amongst some of the world's largest broadcasters and discuss how SRT delivers reliable and secure low latency video over unpredictable networks like the public internet. Panelists will describe their experiences in implementing SRT workflows, noting strengths, ideas for improvement, and the challenges expected going forward.

Program: Streaming Summit

Session Topics and Tracks: OTT & Streaming Media, Streaming Summit - Track C

Registration Package: Streaming Summit