Track A: How Streaming Video Can Replace Cable TV at Scale and Quality

Wed. October 17| 11:30 AM - 12:30 PM | Location: 3D08

TV viewing habits are clearly shifting from legacy cable TV infrastructure to online, but can online streaming truly replace linear TV at scale and quality? This panel will debate the limitations of today's internet infrastructure and what must change to provide the same scale, quality, performance and low latency delivery as broadcast TV. Speakers will cover the impact on content delivery networks and last mile providers and outline the challenges associated with scaling to meet traffic spikes during major live streaming events. Attendees will also hear about the tech barriers that exist today, what's being done to address them and how content owners view today's Internet infrastructure as a possible replacement for cable TV pipes.

Program: Streaming Summit

Session Topics and Tracks: OTT & Streaming Media, Streaming Summit - Track A

Registration Package: Streaming Summit


Miller-Jones, Steve
Steve Miller-Jones
VP, Product Strategy
Limelight Networks


Wang, Tony
Tony Wang
Co-Founder, Head of Emerging Technology & Markets
Maunier, Pierre-Yves
Pierre-Yves Maunier
Distinguished Network Architect
Dillon, Rob
Rob Dillon
Digital Operations Manager
Tribune Media Company