Track C: Fireside Chat: Facebook - Video and the Future of Immersive Experiences

Thu. October 18| 12:00 PM - 12:30 PM | Location: 3D10

As more and more people come online around the world, video has become an integral part of everyday communication for brands and people alike. Companies are working harder than ever to improve the video experience and create even better ways to connect people on the internet. In this fireside chat, Mike Coward from Facebook will discuss current video trends, where the future of video is headed, and Facebook's plans to grow and improve its video offerings on the platform.

Program: Streaming Summit

Session Topics and Tracks: OTT & Streaming Media, Streaming Summit - Track C

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Coward, Mike
Mike Coward
Director of Engineering
Rayburn, Dan
Dan Rayburn
Conference Chairman
Streaming Summit & EdgeNext