Fireside Chat: Hulu - A Fresh Take on Advertising in the Living Room - Reaching Audiences in OTT

Wed. October 17| 9:30 AM - 10:00 AM | Location: 3D08

A growing number of viewers are flocking to on-demand, direct-to-consumer services that offer personalized, bingeable content and flexible subscription models. This trend opens more doors for advertisers to reach desirable, tech-savvy audiences in an environment that lends itself to interactivity and personalization. Despite these benefits, OTT isn't perfect - much work needs to be done to build standards around this ad experience to reach and influence viewers in impactful ways. In this fireside chat, Hulu's VP, Head of Ad Platforms, Jeremy Helfand, unpacks advertising in OTT and discusses what changes we'll see in the future.

Program: Streaming Summit

Session Topics and Tracks: OTT & Streaming Media

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Keynote Speaker

Helfand, Jeremy
Jeremy Helfand
VP, Head of Advertising Platforms


Rayburn, Dan
Dan Rayburn
Conference Chairman
Streaming Summit & EdgeNext