Training Workshop: Small-to-No-Crew: Corporate & In-House Productions

Thu. October 18| 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM | Location: Group meets directly at 9AM at Baza Studio: 34-36 W 32nd St., 4th floor, NY

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Group meets directly at venue at 9am: Baza studio. Address: 34-36 W 32nd St., 4th floor, NY
More and more companies are building in-house production teams to create ongoing content for their products and services. Generally, this is accomplished by creating small crews that are tasked with the entire production to post-production workflow.

Additionally, corporate video production companies are changing in terms of their structure and resources. While the equipment has gotten better and also less expensive, the crews have gotten smaller!

With this new production landscape this full day field workshop by Jem Schofield of theC47 will focus on small crew video production where you will learn about effective project planning, small crew production gear, lenses (primes versus zooms), related support gear, audio recording tips & tricks and, of course, lighting techniques that are best suited for small crew corporate productions. Jem will take attendees through the process of planning, lighting and shooting projects using largely low-key & cinematic techniques.

Group will meet directly at 9AM at Baza Studio: 34-36 W 32nd St., 4th floor, NY and the workshop will be delivered in a conversational style that will allow Jem to work effectively with his crew (including attendees), while still teaching process and craft. Exactly like being on an actual, working set!

Topics Covered:
• Project Planning
• Small Crew Production
• Equipment
• Lighting Techniques
• Camera & Lens Tips & Tricks
• Effective Sound
• Recording
• Working with Talent
• Working effectively as small crews, with great results

Target Audience:
Directors of Photography, Camera Operators, Producers, Directors and anyone that wants to understand how to successfully work in modern, small crew corporate production environments.

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For more information about Jem & his whereabouts visit or his YouTube Channel where he posts ongoing content related video production and the filmmaking industry at

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