Where's My Consumer? Literally, WHERE's My Consumer?

Wed. October 17| 12:00 PM - 12:45 PM | Location: Advanced TV Solutions Theater

We know consumers can watch TV everywhere (and anywhere). Obviously the content consumption model changes with the location: the same consumer that watches long-form content on the living room television is unlikely to watch that same content on a mobile device. Short-form "snackable" shows are designed for that viewing environment. But the business models and device management are fluid at best, and lagging well behind the consumers' usage.

This panel will examine how the industry is responding to a mobile audience that says "I want what I want WHEN AND WHERE I want it. And without advertising!"

Program: Core Advanced TV Solutions

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Howe, Rick
Rick Howe
The iTV Doctor


Berger, Gabriel
Gabriel Berger
Think Analytics
Levine, Scott
Scott Levine
SVP, Products & Technology
O'Donnell, Mike
Mike O'Donnell
Chief Revenue Officer
Smith-Chaigneau, Anthony
Anthony Smith-Chaigneau
Sr. Director Product Marketing