Can Sports Betting Save Television?

Thu. October 18| 3:30 PM - 4:15 PM | Location: Advanced TV Solutions Theater

Sports Betting on Television is coming, and all the major sports leagues and media companies have a vested interest in doing it right, and doing it quickly. This panel will discuss the lessons learned from Europe, and the opportunities presented to the US television industry by legalized sports betting: business models, technology, customer relations management and more. One thing we all know: Sports Betting will substantially alter the economics of sports television.

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Howe, Rick
Rick Howe
The iTV Doctor


Kimmel, Wayne
Wayne Kimmel
SeventySix Capital
Raffensperger, Mike
Mike Raffensperger
Chief Marketing Officer
FanDuel Group
Samuels, Larry
Larry Samuels
Strategic Acceleration Ventures
Shapiro, Dan
Dan Shapiro
VP, Strategy & Business Development
William Hill US