Track B: AV1: How the Codec of the Future is Being Used Today

Thu. October 18| 10:15 AM - 11:15 AM | Location: 3D09

The next-generation video codec AV1 was standardized in the Alliance for Open Media earlier this year, and it is coming to the web in a hurry. Content and encoding providers such as YouTube, Ateme, Harmonic, Netflix, and Bitmovin presented AV1 demos this fall, and both Chrome and Firefox have decode support in browser releases. Join panelists from Google, Mozilla, and Bitmovin to talk about why their companies have invested in AOM, the early gains shown by AV1, and what to expect in 2019 and beyond.

Program: Streaming Summit

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Luther, John
John Luther
SVP, Technology
JW Player


Geiger, Steve
Steve Geiger
Director, Solutions
Krishnan, Jai
Jai Krishnan
Product Manager


Coward, Mike
Mike Coward
Director of Engineering