Track A: Getting Closer to the Eyeballs: What's Next for the Edge

Mon. October 15| 12:00 PM - 12:30 PM | Location: Track A

StackPath founder and CEO, Lance Crosby, will share his unique insights on the "edge" – everything from where the cloud really ends, why hyperscalers, even with 60% of workloads in hyperscaler clouds, have got it wrong to why disaggregation of services is becoming important for security services we all need like DDoS protection. Hear what factors will change the edge (5G, C-Rans, and LEO satellites), the new technologies the edge will create, as well as the edge players and technologies. As someone who helped create the cloud, Lance will explain why we need the edge and the attributes the edge has that the cloud simply doesn't.

Program: EdgeNext Summit

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Crosby, Lance
Lance Crosby
Co-Founder and CEO
Rayburn, Dan
Dan Rayburn
Conference Chairman
Streaming Summit & EdgeNext