Sound & Story for Nonfiction Video Creatives

Wed. October 17| 2:15 PM - 5:00 PM | Location: 1A04/1A05

Sound & Story
More than ever, nonfiction filmmakers must capture the imagination of viewers and transport them quickly into a story driven by real people and events. And yet documentary-style audio is largely interviews and narration. In this intensive workshop we will deconstruct the sound design for videos in which a personal story is more powerfully conveyed through audio and sound design that goes beyond the human voice. We will also discuss field production strategies and tools that help filmmakers create better audio content and workflow for sound post-production. There will be ample time for Q&A with the audience.
Concrete skills and take-aways:
• Building Sound into Your Story
• Tips for Good Location Sound
• Planning for Your Audio Mix
• Using Wild Sound, Silence, Archival and Foley Sound for Nonfiction

Program: Post|Production Conference NYC

Session Topics and Tracks: Production Techniques

Registration Package: NY Post|Production Conference


Ottenritter, Cheryl
Cheryl Ottenritter
Senior Mixer/Founder
Ott House Audio
DeLouise, Amy
Amy DeLouise
DeLouise Enterprises LLC