Creating After Effects Motion Graphics Templates

Wed. October 17| 2:15 PM - 3:30 PM | Location: 1A03

The Essential Graphics panel allows you to build custom controls for motion graphics and share them as Motion Graphics templates via Creative Cloud Libraries or as local files.

In this session, veteran Adobe instructor Luisa Winters will take you through the whole workflow. Make your own Motion Graphics Template in After Effects, use it in Premiere Pro, Modifying in both, Premiere Pro and After Effects.

Take an existing *.MOGRT and modify it in After Effects, re-export and use in Premiere Pro. The template is "almost" what you need, but not quite? Luisa will take you through what you need to know to modify and create your own template.

A not to miss session - find out how to make a *.MOGRT template in After Effects, and how to use it in Premiere Pro.

Program: Post|Production Conference NYC

Session Topics and Tracks: Motion Graphics & VFX

Registration Package: NY Post|Production Conference


Winters, Luisa
Luisa Winters
Adobe/Apple Certified Trainer
Video Trainers, Freelance