Advanced Strategies for Video Compression

Thu. October 18| 12:45 PM - 2:00 PM | Location: 1A04/1A05

Compression is more than just picking a preset. Come to this EXCITING session about compression, yes, we meant it - compression. It doesn't have to be boring, if it's taught well! Yes, we'll teach the basics - in a non-threatening (no math!) way… And we'll unlock the keys to better YouTube uploads, understanding the pros and cons of H265, VP9, and where Post codecs exist in your workflows. Get all of your questions answered from Master Trainer Jeff I. Greenberg ( Perfect for the post professional who needs more than "preset".

Program: Post|Production Conference NYC

Session Topics and Tracks: Production Techniques

Registration Package: NY Post|Production Conference


Greenberg, Jeff
Jeff Greenberg
J Greenberg Consulting