Howe, Rick

The iTV Doctor

Howe, Rick

Rick Howe, The iTV Doctor, provides consulting services to the video industry, specializing in the positioning (and re-positioning) of companies in the advanced television space, as well as providing business and product development services. He is a Cable Pioneer, class of 2011, having worked with both Time Warner Cable and Showtime Networks in their formative years. He is also a member of the Television Academy Interactive Media Group.

Rick is frequently called on by companies, from the very large to the very small, to organize and run custom in-house "workshops" to help senior management gain perspective on the rapid changes in the television space. His goal in these sessions is not to simply convey information; it is to create understanding of the nuances of this rapidly evolving business, so that the workshop participants can see through the screaming headlines about the business and concentrate on the underlying movements.

Rick also moderates and speak on industry panels, and writes a column, published by Tracy Swedlow's newsletter. For 2018 Rick is focused on the inevitable collision of standards and platforms at the 2021 horizon, where Telco 5G, Broadcast ATSC 3.0 and Cable Broadband must work together to meet accelerating consumer needs.