Patrick, Larry

Managing Partner | Patrick Communications, LLC

Patrick, Larry

Larry Patrick serves as Managing Partner of Patrick Communications, LLC, a media investment banking and brokerage firm. Mr. Patrick has handled over 550 radio and 160 television broadcasting deals worth over $8.5 billion in his career. He has also consulted dozens of broadcast and cable companies as well as 35 financial institutions.

Mr. Patrick also served as Chairman of the Board and Chairman of the Committee of Independent Directors of ION Media Networks from 2005 to 2008. Mr. Patrick oversaw the refinancing of that company, an exchange offer with the public bondholders and eventually sold the company in a going-private transaction in 2008 to Citadel Investment Group for $2.6 billion.

Mr. Patrick previously operated 12 radio stations of his own from 1986 through 1992. Mr. Patrick currently owns 22 radio stations in Wyoming, and is an investor in seven major market television stations.

Mr. Patrick holds a B.A. in telecommunications from the University of Kentucky (1972); a M.S. in communications from the University of Tennessee (1973); a Ph.D. in communications and management from Ohio University (1975); and a J.D. from the Georgetown University Law Center (1979).