Milstein, Mark

Managing Director, Creator | Microstocksolutions, VRmeta Solution

Milstein, Mark

Mark Milstein is the founder of Microstocksolutions LLC, a leading provider of DAM agnostic ingestion, curation, metadata and video post-production services for the visual media industryand beyond.

Microstocksolutions is also home to VRmeta, the world's first metadata hub. Vrmeta allows users to apply in-frame, time-based descriptive metadata to nearly any known video asset type, and to export and share that metadata with every known DAM and MAM.

Milstein is also the founder of Northfoto and Red Dot, two of Eastern Europe's most respected photo agencies. Red Dot was former Soviet Europe's first internet based photo agency. Its founding, at the turn of the 21st century, was instrumental in speeding up the arrival and success of many of the world's biggest names in print and online media to to Eastern Europe.

Milstein successfully sold Red Dot to a regional rival in 2011. Northfoto, Milstein's second photo agency, remains the leading provider of celebrity photography and low-cost stock imagery in Hungary, Romania, Serbia, and Slovakia.

From 1991 through late 2000 Milstein covered more than 20 conflicts and major natural disasters for Atlantic News Service. More than four years of that were spent photographically chronicling the war in the former Yugoslavia, and included working in Croatia, Bosnia and Serbia. During the second half of the decade, Milstein covered events in Chechnya, Rwanda, Afghanistan, Lebanon, Cyprus, Israel, the West Bank, Gaza, Iraq, Kuwait, Turkey, Congo, and Kosovo.

Milstein's photo of two lovers shot dead as they tried to escape Sarajevo, Bosnia, in May of 1993 won critical acclaim. The deaths of Bosnian Muslim Admira and Bosnian Serb Bosko, known to the world as Romeo and Juliet, was the subject of numerous news stories, an Emmy Award winning PBS and CBC TV documentary, a ballet, as well as numerous songs.

Since 2000, Milstein has been a visiting lecturer of photojournalism and visual media at Hungary's Eötvös Loránd University (ELTE). Earlier, Milstein was the primary force behind a media education program - supported by the United States State Department's IREX's ProMedia program aimed at developing photojournalism in former Soviet Europe and Eurasia.