Tasaka, Guy

Founder/Managing Partner | Tasaka Digital

Tasaka, Guy

Guy Tasaka is the founder and managing partner of Tasaka Digital, a digital strategy, product design and development consulting firm focused on the local media industry. Tasaka Digital works with media companies in the area of OTT/video, mobile, edition-based/tablet publishing and paid content. They also work with technology companies developing product market fits and strategic redirects.

Prior to re-joining Tasaka Digital, Guy was the Chief Digital Officer of Calkins Media widely known for their work in video and OTT. Calkins won the LMA Innovator of the Year award for ushering in OTT in the local media space in 2015. Calkins was recognized with the Mega-Innovator of the Year Award for their video/linear channel efforts at their newspaper properties. Calkins former television station WWSB in Sarasota was a first mover in local OTT and to date has had over 1 million downloads of their OTT apps. Most recently Guy served as the General Manager of GateHouse Media's Mobile Group.

Guy began his media career in national media at Macworld Magazine, Ziff-Davis Publishing and The New York Times before moving to media tech startups Newsstand/LibreDigital, Page Foundry and Scrollmotion.

Guy currently lives in Portland, OR. He previously lived in San Francisco, New York, Seattle and Austin before they became tech hubs.