Ruggiero, Mike

Founder/Chairman | ATV Broadcast

Ruggiero, Mike

Mike Ruggiero, a Philadelphian and La Salle University graduate, spent his first five years in the work force earning his financial acumen for the notable New York firm of Deloitte & Touche. In 1976, Ruggiero began a cable television marketing firm that soon caught the attention of executives from Cox Communications. He was appointed division manager for the industry giant and relocated to Indianapolis, Indiana in 1979.

In 1983, Ruggiero formed ATV Broadcast, a multi-faceted communications consulting firm to address the needs of both broadcasters and cable operators. The services have frequently been sought by television stations to negotiate congressionally mandated retransmission consent agreements between broadcasters and cable operators. Since the passing of the 1992 Cable Act, ATV has successfully negotiated over 8,500 carriage agreements generating over $1.2 Billion in cash carriage fees. In the beginning, ATV aligned with many major broadcast formed cable television networks and was instrumental in the successful launch of the Home & Garden Television Network, MSNBC (America's Talking), The Military Channel, The History Channel and more.

In 2002, ATV Broadcast founded the multicast business with the successful launch of AccuWeather's Local Digital Weather. Following that network was The TUBE Music Network, LATV, NBC Universal Sports and more.

Ruggiero also held seats with the American Advertising Federation, serving as two-term Governor of the 6th district (Illinois - Indiana - Michigan), and four-year board member of the National American Advertising Awards (ADDY) process committee.

Ruggiero has contributed to the community of Indianapolis by working with the United Way. And is currently serving on the Board of the Mozel Sanders' Foundation. A group that is dedicated to feeding the hungry. On Thanksgiving Day 2017, MSF fed over 42,000 meals to anyone who desires a meal.

Michael is married to Carol and has three children and four grandchildren.